Taco Bell approved in Manville next to cinema

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Taco Bell approved in Manville next to cinema

MANVILLE – Taco Bell is coming to town.

The borough Land Use Board earlier this month finalized approval of the restaurant to join McDonald's and Popeyes on North Main Street in the Marketplace at Manville.

The 2,470-square-foot restaurant will be located across the Dukes Parkway entrance from McDonald's in the Reading Cinema parking lot.

Nirav Mehta, who will own the franchise, told the board he operates eight Taco Bells as well as Wendy's restaurants throughout New Jersey. He also said he started by operating 22 Dunkin Donuts outlets in Florida.

Mehta told the board the Taco Bell will open at 7 a.m. for breakfast will close at 2:30 a.m. The dining area will be open from 7 11 p.m. while the drive-thru will remain open later.

Mehta said he anticipates hiring a total of 30 full-time and part-time workers, with eight to 10 employees per shift.

At the Somerville Taco Bell on Route 22, he said, most of the employees are local and he anticipates the same in Manville.

Mehta said he chose the location because of the customer traffic generated by Walmart and Reading Cinema, as well as McDonald's and Popeyes.

He said he also hoped that the location near Adesa would also be good for business.

Mehta said he anticipated the Manville location will be one of highest volume Taco Bells that he operates.

Elizabeth Dolan, the applicant's traffic expert, said at its busiest during lunch hour, the restaurant expects 65 to 70 patrons.

The restaurant will have 40 indoor seats and 10 outdoor seats.

The building will be two feet above the flood hazard elevation.

The shopping center, which also includes a Walmart, was built on the site of the former Johns-Manville plant which produced asbestos products.

Behind the shopping center is the Adesa wholesale vehicle auction facility for professional car buyers and sellers.

According to the marketing material of National Retail, the shopping center's owner, within 5 miles of Marketplace at Manville are 52,568 households with an average annual household income of $124,859. More than 21,000 vehicles travel past the shopping center daily on North Main Street.

The nearest other Taco Bell restaurants are on Route 206 in Hillsborough and Route 22 in Somerville.



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