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Hawley Lane Plaza
100 Hawley Ln
Trumbull, CT 06611
Property Manager:
Property Operations
Emergency Contact:
Ted Wayland
GAS Southern Connecticut Gas 203.334.8866
ELECTRIC United Illuminating 800.722.5584
WATER BHC 203.732.9678
SEWER Town of Trumbull 203.452.5048
PHONE SNET 800.424.9020
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Signage Criteria
Hawley Lane Plaza
100 Hawley Ln
Trumbull, CT 06611


The tenant must design, fabricate and install an illuminated sign. It shall be limited to trade name, logo and decorative treatment and conform to the following guidelines:

1. Only the following basic types of illuminated signs shall be allowed:

A. Metal letters, back-lit (halo effect) with warm white light. Letters must be a minimum of six inches in height, must not be less than one inch or more than five inches in depth, and must be projected from background.

B. Internally illuminated channel letters, with opaque sides and plastic face, luminous tubing illumination within letters. Internally illuminated letters should be no more than five inches in depth.

C. Exposed neon luminous tubing with a maximum diameter of 12 millimeters and operating current of 30 milliamperes forming letters or logo, in any color. Neon must be easily readable.

D. Back-lit with plastic or glass face letters in an opaque background, mounted flush with face of signband.

2. Length of sign shall not exceed 60% of storefront width, with a maximum letter
height of 14 inches.

3. No animated components, flashing lights, formed plastic, injected molded plastic, or box-type back-lit signs with translucent background panels are permitted.

4. No exposed conduit, tubing or raceways. All conductors, transformers and other equipment shall be concealed.

5. Electrical service to Tenant signs shall not be part of the Landlord's operating costs.

6. All signs, bolts, fastenings and clips shall be of hot-dipped galvanized iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or bronze. No black iron materials of any type shall be permitted.

7. No sign maker's labels or other identification shall be in a conspicuous location.

8. The sign contractor shall repair all damage caused by his work.

9. Tenant shall be fully responsible for the activities of Tenant's sign contractor.

10. A signband above all storefronts has been included as a basic architectural feature in the project. Signing must occur within the limits of the signband (between 7'5" and 9' 2" A.F.F.). Tenants are to remove sections of the wood moldings on the sign fascia only enough to accommodate their new sign (see Figure 1). 

11. In addition to all other signage requirements, Tenants are allowed to paint or etch their trade name and/or logo only, directly on that part of their storefront which is glass. Such signage is to be of letters and graphics only, without solid color backgrounds.

12. The Landlord is providing, at the Tenant's expense, a standard painted wood and metal decor sign panel. This will serve as the secondary identifier for Tenants. The letters shall be 4" high vinyl cut-outs applied directly on the metal signband (see Figure 2).


Sign must comply with all applicable codes and local ordinances. Landlord's consent to sign is required prior to application for permit. Sign plans shall be submitted to Landlord for approval, and signs shall be installed within thirty (30) days following written notice of approval from Landlord. The submittal must include a certificate of insurance from Tenant's sign contractor.

1. All signs to be individual letters of non-serif, serif or script type. Box type signs are not permitted. All signs shall have ivory, blue or red letters in anodized bronze aluminum channel setting with white internal illumination.

2. All signs to be centered on the sign fascia both horizontally and vertically.

3. Minimum margin at sides of store to letters is 5 feet, unless specifically reduced by Landlord.

4. Maximum height of letters is 18 inches unless specifically increased by Landlord.

5. All letters must be 4½ inches deep.

6. Signs shall be illuminated. No sign or window light in the Shopping Center shall be a moving sign, a flashing sign or light, an intermittently lighted sign or light, a sign having characters which are intermittently lighted or a sign or light having exposed neon tubing.

7. No lettering or painting shall be placed upon the interior or exterior of the windows.

8. All electrical work, equipment, materials and wiring shall comply with codes and ordinances of governmental agencies having jurisdiction. Electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician in accordance with all electrical codes.

9. All signs shall be mounted away from the face of the fascia (i.e., a spacer shall be installed between the individual letter and the fascia).

10. No occupant identification sign attached to the exterior of a building shall be:

a) placed on canopy roofs extending above the building roof, placed on penthouse walls, or placed so as to project above the parapet, canopy or top of the wall upon which it is mounted.

b) placed at any angle to the building; provided, however, the foregoing shall not apply to any sign located under a sidewalk canopy if such sign is at least eight (8) feet above the sidewalk;

c) painted on the surface of any building;

d) flashing, moving or audible signs;

e) signs employing exposed raceways, exposed neon tubes, exposed ballast boxes, or exposed transformers; or

f) paper or cardboard signs, temporary signs (exclusive of contractor signs), stickers or decals; provided, however, the foregoing shall not prohibit the placement at the entrance of each occupant's space a small sticker or decal indicating hours of business, emergency telephone numbers, acceptance of credit cards, and other similar bits of information.

11. No occupant of less than fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet of Floor Area shall have an exterior sign which identifies leased departments and/or concessionaires operating under the occupant's business or trade name, nor shall such sign identify specific brands or products for sale or services offered within a business establishment, unless such identification is used as part of the occupant's trade name.

12. No other form of exterior expressions, including, but not limited to, pennants, pictures, notices, flags, seasonal decorations, writings, lettering, designs or graphics, shall be placed on or attached to the exterior of any Building.

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