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Plaza 59
10506 Bennett Road
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Property Manager:
Property Operations
GAS National Fuel 800.365.3234
ELECTRIC Niagara Mohawk 800.932.0301
WATER Village of Fredonia 716.679.2303
SEWER Village of Fredonia 716.679.2303
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Signage Criteria
Plaza 59
10506 Bennett Road
Dunkirk, NY 14048

1. Sign Type: Internally Illuminated Sign

2. Letter Type and Location: All signs shall be composed of aluminum channel letters mounted on the metal signband, provided by the Owner, and centered within store frontage. No box type signs are permitted. Letter thickness to be maximum 5 inches (including plastic clips to secure acrylic front).

3. Size: Capital letters and logo (if any, up to 36 inches in height).

Length: Maximum length of sign as determined by the length of the Tenant's storefront, minus a neutral area of 18 inches from each edge of Tenant's storefront.

If text is one, two or more lines, the maximum signage height for all lines of copy shall not total more than 36 inches.

4. Color of Sign: Similar to "Acrylite" acrylic sheet. Blue (607-1GP), Green (506-0GP), Yellow (406-1GP), Green (507-0GP) or Red (278-0GP).

Side Returns: Returns of channel letters to be dark duranodic finish.

5. Transformer for Channel Letters: Letter to have a remote transformer, located inside the fascia behind letters and accessible through panels in the canopy ceiling provided by Landlord. Wiring from letters shall not be exposed.

6. Signs are to be furnished and installed by Tenant and approved by Landlord. Tenant must submit a colored elevation of sign for Landlord's approval. Scale of drawing to be no smaller than ".

7. After approval by Landlord, Tenant is required to obtain government approvals and permits as required by code.

8. No lettering or painting shall be placed upon the interior or exterior of the windows of the Demised Premises.

9. All electrical work, equipment, materials and wiring shall comply with codes and ordinances of governmental agencies having jurisdiction. All work must be performed by a licensed electrician in accordance with all electrical codes.

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